Websites Act Like Sales Teams

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For most businesses, a website is not acting as marketing, it’s acting as sales.


Believe it or not, most websites on the internet are for sales, not marketing. Marketing gets people interested enough to take action while sales converts that prospect into a buyer. Marketing involves driving people to a website to potentially turn them into a converted sale.

If you think of it like a car dealership, all radio and tv ads are marketing to get people interested enough to go to the showroom, once they arrive the sales people step in.



The best dealerships have people arriving at the showroom because of marketing. This is the exact same for your website, in this scenario, the website takes the place of the showroom. The website showcases to potential buyers who come to see if your service or product is the solution to their current problem.

In the same sense, growing both your sales and marketing teams will require consistency, strategy and quality. This will not happen overnight and will require processes to be set in place as early as possible.

Understanding the difference between sales and marketing is the key to a successful website.


So what makes a website Successful?

  • SEO Optimization & Growth Strategy
  • Proper Internal Linking and Backlinking
  • Browser/Device Compatibility & Fast loading time
  • Smooth Usability and Expert Graphic Design
  • Expert Copy (wording) that is selling, not just words or just pictures
  • Proper sales flow throughout the site
  • Relevant Videos and Images

..and of course awesome, original content!

Google searches for the best user generated content and the most trusted websites to showcase in its search results. Reaching the top of search results is an uphill battle that is best approached with a plan of action!

Since your website is your online salesperson, keep it sharp as the market and your business is ever changing.

As time progresses, it’s important to find a good balance between marketing and fine tuning your website. This ensures customer experience is improving at all times and your converting as many prospects as possible!

What are your thoughts? If you own a company with a website, leave a comment with your website name! Backlinking helps both of our website’s domain authority.

If you are interested in having us help with Website Builds, Redesigns or have any questions please email


Good luck on your journey of digital success!

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