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If you own a business in 2022, having an engaging website design can make a huge difference on your business. 


You may have heard the saying, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.”, the same is true with when a prospect first comes in contact with your business. Having a solid design makes the most out of that impression and gives you a fighting chance to turn that prospect into a happy client. 


Having a website that works well for you, will need a website design that keeps your prospects on your site and not looking for an alternative option with your competitors.


Below are the top 10 things you will need to ensure your website has before promoting your businesses site online or in person: 


1. Images,  Modern Font Styles and Consistent Color Patterns


This will be the entire visual branding that your website will portray to the world. Having high quality images, modern font styles and consistent color patterns will help your website maintain a high quality company brand image.


2. Strategic Headlines & Copywriting


Decisions are made pretty quickly when someone comes to a website. Having clear, concise wording will encourage visitors to remain on your website longer and increase the chances of selecting your Call to Action.

 3. Primary Call to Action


Having one page centralizes a spot for leads to make a decision on if they want to proceed with your business’s services. This is your opportunity to make the most of it and have a smooth engaging process. 


4. Lead Capture Page & Form


This will be the very bottom of your sales funnel with the full website sitting right above it. Here you can set forms to send lead information directly to your email and even add conversion tracking codes to measure online advertising campaign performance.


5. Reviews or Case Studies


Having a website builds credibility and having recent testimonials from past customers can help add a tremendous amount of value to your business’s brand. Having the most Google Reviews in a business’s niche should be high on every business owner’s priorities list. 


6. Service Features & Benefits

Having what you do and how it helps your client help lay out the foundation for your future relationship with clients.


7. Navigation and Accessibility


When websites provide users to easily navigate throughout the website with little friction, it improves the amount of time they spend on your website. Which in turn gives you a higher chance to turn them into a new client!


8. Resources & FAQ


Content is truly king when owning a website. The more content you have the better in every scenario. If you would like to create content for your business that will impact your organic traffic, we would recommend focusing on building a helpful resource or FAQ page. 


9. Speed & Security


Long loading times and unsecure websites can be a huge deal breaker for a lot of online users. Usually fast and secure websites perform better at converting visitors into leads.


10. Sales Flow Layout


Having your website design laid out in a way that matches your prospects buyer’s journey will give prospects the information they are looking for and you an opportunity to nurture and capture leads when they are ready to move forward.


Focusing on improving these 10 areas on your website design should improve the traffic to lead conversion. 

At Digital Success Partners, we pride ourselves on our experience in website design, copywriting and web development. 


Digital Success Partners Consults with businesses to understand how they can generate more leads for their business online and in local communities.


Does your business need a Website and Advertising strategy to help your business create a reliable flow of new business?


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