The Small Business Owner’s Side to Online Growth

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Every small, medium and large business ever created has one thing that brings them all together.

Making money! 

So every week when owners look back at how the week, month or year is going, the number one question asked is, “How can I get more leads for my business?”.

You will notice that once you Google this, you’ll find answers like, “grow on social media”, “put up a website”, “focus on getting reviews”, “invest in paid advertising”, “create more content” and other things along the same lines.

So which is it? What is the secret sauce that is helping businesses get more calls, inquiries, jobs etc.

The answer is… a little of all of the above.

As you grow, you can be as flexible as needed and invest more or less into whichever area works best for your business. 

Yet what makes or breaks this plan is consistency and the order in which you implement each of these into your business.

Here is our recommendation: 

1. Focus on reviews 

This should be your first priority after starting almost any service, product or any other type of business.

If you are looking for new business in a local area start by making a Google Business profile and start collecting reviews on that account from clients immediately.

This will benefit you tremendously in the long run. You can read more on why in this article we created: When to grow on google maps and google maps only

2. Start with a website

This should be your next step because once you start gaining traffic on your Google profile.

Your website will be easily accessible and can potential capture leads you might’ve missed.

Once you have a website it’s important to make sure it is built to generate new business, otherwise you could lose leads by having a slow, disorganized site.

Here is an article we have created to make sure you have every aspect of your website ready to convert new leads: Website Design Must Haves

3. Start and grow on social media

Once your site is up and ready to generate leads, growing your businesses social media will increase website traffic and can often times become a primary lead source. 

4. Create more content 

Content is king for a reason.

This is something that will need to be maintained regular.

Content should be published weekly on almost every platform if possible including; your website, Google page, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other applicable platforms. 

5. Invest in paid advertising 

Once you have your company brand established online, now is the time to start launching campaigns that will drive more local traffic to your business.

Thus letting all your hard work pay off into a lead generating system. 

Focusing on these 5 areas regularly will in time allow you to grow and convert more people to work with your business.

The reason why it benefits to repeat this process is because you are continually showcasing your business’s expertise to prospects, building trust and in turn creating a long lasting solution that will sell your business on autopilot.

If this is something your Business would like to outsource, Digital Success Partners handles all of this for growing businesses! 

We are based locally in Texas and provide in person meetings in Austin, Lubbock and San Angelo.

I highly recommend to do your own research into each of these to see what is best for you.

Start the journey of your digital success today. Good Luck!

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