6 Major Benefits of Inbound Marketing

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Inbound marketing is one of the most popular strategies used by companies today because it fosters brand loyalty, is less intrusive and captures genuine buyers who actually are searching for what you’re providing. 

In the past the only way to promote your business was by using outbound marketing, barraging potential buyers with adverts, cold pitches, mail and different types of interruptive media, inbound advertising endeavors to get your prospects to come to you.

Basically, outbound is advertising with a megaphone, while inbound is promoting with a magnet.

While both are effective and should both be used together for maximum results, inbound provides valuable content and lasting information that is truly useful to prospects, who are searching for an answer about an issue. 

In the event that you can assist them in solving their concern, you have an extraordinary possibility of transforming them into an upbeat client. 

Having an established brand online is key to having a growing inbound marketing plan, your online presence acts as a stand in sales person working 24/7/365.

Below are some of the key benefits of using this approach:

1 – High ROI & Low Cost

It’s a relatively low-cost marketing strategy, especially compared to more traditional channels such as television, radio and billboards, yet still yields huge returns. Reports show it’s up to three times more cost-effective than outbound strategies. This makes it a favorite of small businesses. 

Since inbound is an online system, it regularly costs less to execute than outbound (whose techniques incorporate TV and radio promotions, print advertisements, selling, expos, and other expensive undertakings)

2 – Wide and Timely Reach. 

There aren’t sufficient hours in the day for most of us, so an advantage that advertising groups should esteem is that inbound showcasing can spare you time! Once you have an inbound marketing strategy, you are working towards building an online salesperson that will allow you to allocate time in other places.

The reach of the internet is growing quickly and is not showing any signs of slowing. Currently Facebook has 3.8 Billion users daily, that is almost half the global population! Our ability to connect with each other has become instantaneous and inbound marketing leverages this.

3 – Creative, engaging, and Lasting Content. 

Inbound marketing operates primarily on digital channels, such as websites, mobile phones, and social media. That’s part of what makes it so effective. Marketers can produce and distribute content more quickly than ever, and with functions like “sharing” and “tagging”, the chance to be seen by your local community and relevant prospects expands tremendously.

Digital channels also present opportunities for creativity and interactivity that is simply not possible with traditional marketing methods. Many marketing campaigns now encourage comments, voting, sharing, and other forms of engagement from their audience, thanks to the possibilities of digital platforms. And such content often stays online permanently.

Google loves organic user generated content and seeks for the best, relevant and popular content to be displayed for every user. 

4 – More Targeted Approach. 

Inbound marketing also lets marketers become far more selective and targeted in their methods of lead generation and lead nurturing. There’s a lot of data that can be captured and analyzed from digital channels, painting a complete picture of customer behavior and preferences that is quite valuable in marketing. 

Inbound marketing permits you to run coordinated strategic campaigns, utilizing various strategies across different channels. Inbound advertisers have a wide selection of channels to look over: blogging, Social media, SEO, PPC, etc – and this is something to be thankful for.

On the chance that the content, service or product you make lines up with your purchasers’ excursions, they are bound to connect with you. What’s more, the individuals who do draw in and share their data with you become leads and promoters of your business.

5 – Closer Collaboration with Sales. 

Of course, in the end it’s all about sales. Inbound marketing can be very closely aligned with sales — for instance, by creating content relevant to prospects at every stage of the sales/marketing funnel — this is effective in generating better quality leads and increasing conversion rates. The best way to improve sales and marketing alignment is to invest in technology that enables your marketers and sales reps to operate in sync. CRM systems like Hubspot and Marketo are good examples for Medium and scaling organizations.

6 – Inbound Marketing is Quantifiable

A genuine advantage of inbound compared to outbound marketing – is that it is truly quantifiable. With Google Analytics, Youtube Analytics and Facebook Analytics, you can regularly observe where your traffic is coming from, which in turn will help you decide on what type of content is working and what area you should focus on improving. Seeing where clients have originated from, how they collaborate with your site and your pages gives you a phenomenal diagram for your advertising endeavors.


Inbound marketing is more than likely already incorporated into your business’s marketing strategy, being able to hone in and focus on consistent growth will ultimately create brand stability online. Which will generate warm leads, who are looking for your service and are excited to work with you!

I highly recommend to do your own research into Inbound Marketing to see what type of strategy is best for you. Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have any thoughts or recommendations! If you own a company with a website, leave a comment with your website name! Backlinking helps both of our website’s domain authority. 

If you are interested in having us help with Website Builds, develop an inbound marketing strategy or have any questions please email austin@austinh10.sg-host.com

Another helpful article I’d recommend is Inbound Marketing by Marketo

Start the journey of your digital success today. Good Luck!

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