When To Grow on Google Maps and Google Maps Only

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If You Own A Service Based Business, Managing Your Business’s Google Maps Profile Creates Stability In Your Business

Let’s face it, the fact is we would all be lost without google maps, apple maps, waze etc.

We now heavily rely on our phones to take us exactly where we need to go and what we need to find, when we need to find it. 

And the puppet master giving us exactly what we are looking for is powered by Google 9 times out of 10.

So why Google Maps? 

Within these past few months Google has been slowly moving away from “Google My Business”.

Allowing business owners to directly manage their business on the Google Maps app. 

So now you have the power in the palm of your hands to input your business information, content, past projects, testimonials and more to be displayed right in front of everybody that is using Google Maps in your local area. 

This is big..

and why you should be putting this at the top of your marketing to-do list. 

The businesses with the most pictures, reviews and activity will ultimately receive the most attention and usually the businesses with the most attention, win the most new business.

When potential buyers are comparing and selecting through google maps profiles, the 2 biggest factors that make up their decision are; The Business’s Reviews and The Business’s Website

The same way we shop for the things we need, is how our prospects find our business. 

Find > Trust > Buy

Fully focusing on growing your reviews and website is the thing you have most control over as a business owner that directly builds trust. 

To see our clients flourish and dominate their local industry online, here at Digital Success Partners we choose to fully back our partners website growth efforts, by offering a complete website design, management and growth strategy.

Which will help you know exactly how many prospects are viewing your website, where they are coming from, what they are doing and of course how to improve your website’s conversion rate.



Posting content is more than likely already incorporated into your business’s marketing strategy, being able to hone in and focus on consistent growth will ultimately create brand stability online. 

Focusing on getting Reviews, Improving Your Website and posting on your Google Maps Business Profile will help you generate organic traffic to your business.

Which will generate warm leads, who are looking for your service and are excited to work with you!

If you are interested in having us help with Website Builds, develop an inbound marketing strategy or have any questions please email austin@austinh10.sg-host.com

Start the journey of your digital success today. Good Luck!

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